Corporate Advisory

  Equitization Advisory: We provide corporate restructuring consulting services for businesses wishing to equitize their firms, in accordance with the requirements of the Lao Securities and Exchange Commission.
  Listing and Issuing additional shares: We are capable of serving both local and cross-border markets.
Corporate Finance Advisory: We offer independent evaluation of companies, industry securities, projects, and assets, as well as other corporate restructuring activities.
M & A Advisory: We identify the potential merging partners, then develop strategies, and accompany the related parties through the entire Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) process.
Corporate Restructuring Advisory (including Financial Restructuring): We will provide clients, with utmost confidence, the most professional, creative, and practical strategies to resolve any financial challenge.
Standard Corporate Governance Advisory to Joint-stock Corporations: Providing professional advices on Corporate Governance, assisting the board of directors and supervisors in assessing their existing governance practices.
Advisory for Strategic Development Plans: Assisting companies in identifying and implementing effective growth strategies in order for them to ensure their future viability.
  Providing Investor Relations Services (IR) to Public Companies: Meshing the links between the investors and companies via their websites and/or other related documents.

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