LDB SECURITIES SOLE CO., LTD (LDB-S) is founded by Lao Development Bank (LDB). It was officially established on December 01, 2010 with an initial chartered capital of 100 billion KIP (approximately 12.50 million USD) to provide full services to local and foreign investors in Lao securities market. It was the first securities company operating in Laos. Our business model is currently structured into three core areas: Brokerage, Financial Advisory and Underwriting.
       LDB was established on April 09, 2003 by consolidating 2 previous states owned commercial banks namely Lao May Bank and Lane Xang Bank, Now Chaleun Sekong Energy Co., Ltd that would hold 70% of shares while 30% remaining held by the Ministry of Finance.

+ 2011, LDB-S performed as Financial Advisor and Underwriter for issuing IPO of BCEL with value of 155 billion Kip (approximately 19 million USD);
+ On December 2014, LDB-S acted as a main Underwriter for issuing IPO of PTL with value of 240 billion Kip (approximately 30 million USD);
+ 2015, LDB-S performed as Financial Advisor for issuing PO, RO for EDL-GEN with value of 2,700 billion Kip (approximately 340 million USD).
+ 2015, LDB-S acted as a main underwriter for issuing IPO of SVN with value of 77.5 billion kip (opproximately 9.7 million USD)

Creating more values for investors
►Bringing the best quality services and financial products to the clients.
►Generating maximum profit to our shareholders and customers.
►Further developing Lao financial markets in order to improve the business relations among Laos and other neighboring countries.

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